Healing Rooms of Southern Vermont

What are the Healing Rooms?

The needs for healing are universal.  Provision of healing through the intervention of God in Christ is given to us. The purpose of the Healing Rooms is to connect those in need of healing with God's provision for their healing.  Healing Rooms are part of a world-wide movement across denominational walls to restore healing by the power of God's mercy, grace and love.  

John G. Lake, the healing evangelist, originated Healing Rooms in Spokane, WA, in the 1920's with over five thousand documented miracle healings in five years.  In 1999 Cal Pierce, opening at the same site, revived John G. Lake's vision for Healing Rooms in every town and city.  Healing Rooms of Southern Vermont opened in September of 2008.  There are already over one thousand five hundred Healing Rooms world-wide.  

Healing Rooms provide a safe, loving and confidential environment in which to receive healing prayer. 


We are a member of The International Association of Healing Rooms which is headquartered in Spokane, Washington. When you have some time we invite you to checkout their website: 



Click here to watch a 7 minute video of the founder Cal Pierce explaining

what the healing rooms are about...


...In my name...they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover"  - Mark 16:17 

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