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Sozo Testimonies
I have been in ministry since age 18 (eleven years now)--committed, dedicated, punctual, responsible, respectable, highly esteemed by peers and elders alike.  These are the words and qualities I took pride in and the glasses through which I learned to see God.  I acquired an understanding of God during these years which, quite ironically, stifled true growth of spirit.  My own standards closed me in, limited me, and prevented the Spirit of freedom from doing more.   Funny how God works, but He arrived on time with a groaning in my spirit for something different.  I started to feel a dissatisfaction in my spirit about all of my efforts to please Him.  Do I even know Him?  What have I been basing my relationship with God on?  What true knowledge of God do I have?   When I came to Sozo on May 22, 2014, I was prepared to face truth.  I wanted to get rid of anything and everything that got in my way!  I wanted freedom and relationship!  And Holy Spirit was so good to me!  And He led me to the truth that had started to gnaw at me from within:  the fact that my Christianity was a performance-based religion where I was a perfect porcelain doll twirling around in circles, performing for the approval of others.  
Today is a different day.  Holy Spirit is leading me down a new pathway and into new adventures with new tools.  I am learning to rest from my works and to trust in Him.  When I got home after the Sozo, I realized that things had to change.  No more works.  No more performance.  And God is teaching me how to live this out day by day.  He is good!

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