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     On April 20, 2008 I was led to go to a Healing Grace Ministries service for the first time for healing.  I was adamant that I was not going to leave until I received a physical healing.  I wasnít thwarted even though every time I went forward I was still in pain. God had another plan He put on my heart. He wanted to give me an emotional healing.  I had been struggling with anorexia nervosa and had been hospitalized several times.  At the time I was overweight due to steroid medications and I had body distortions and severe self hatred for my body. This time when I went up front I was slain in the Spirit and saw myself wrapped in the arms of a maternal God.  God healed me and I knew I was perfectly loved, perfectly accepted and I didnít need to change a thing to deserve Godís love.  I never had another self recriminating thought about my body and lost 70 pounds in five month.

     When I was about to leave the service 3 children came up to me and told me they saw angels.  The angels told them to pray for my feet. I had a degenerative disease called reflex sympathetic dystrophy in my feet.  I had been in a wheelchair and on crutches for two years.  When the children prayed over my feet they were instantly healed.  I wore high heels the next day for the first time in seven years.  Sometimes God needs to work on our inner emotions before the physical healing can take place but he is always faithful.  Praise be to Jesus!


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