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Back Healed


     I prayed for my cousin, who has been deaf since birth, two weeks ago because he had a lot of pain from five damaged disks.  The doctors gave him no hope of ever getting better.  I asked him if I could pray for him, but he refused, as you see; he didn't believe there was a God.  He kept saying "It won't work."  I tried several times to convince him to let me pray to no avail.  As we were walking, God impressed upon me to pray for him anyway without him knowing.  When we returned home his friend told him that I had prayed.  My cousin shared many times that afternoon that it wasn't any better.  I explained to him that God works in HIS time.  As my cousin left that evening, I asked him to call me "when his back was pain free".  I repeated it three times until he finally said yes he would call me. A couple of days ago I got a call that his back was indeed pain free and that "it worked."  But more than that he said his buddies at work kept saying "Wow" because they have never seen him walk straight upright.  I asked my cousin if he now believed there was a God and that God loved him; he answered in the affirmative.  He now wants to come back for more prayer and now believes that God answers.  When he comes next week we'll introduce him to Jesus properly.



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