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Healed Back Update



This is an update of God's grace and love. My cousin came back to attend church with me one month after his encounter with the God he didn't believe in. He knew now that God cared for him. Because he had seen the love of God, he was now seeking further healing for the sciatica pain which was left-over from the nerve damage in his damaged back which had been healed one month prior. After hearing how much Jesus loved him, he received Jesus into his life and was healed of the sciatica pain. He began to stomp his foot and walk around and kept saying, "I can't believe it! It's real, the pain is gone."


       He brought his MRI and doctor's report from July 2009. His diagnosis was scoliosis convex to the left side, damage too detailed to explain here to each L1 through L5. In brief: disk protrusion, disk narrowing, degenerative disk, bulging of the annulus and annular tear, and endplate spurring. He had been through one surgery. He continues to walk straight, upright and is pain-free.


       He also brought a friend along who, after hearing about his back being healed, was desiring healing for pain in her body. She too received Jesus and the pain left her body. They went back to their homes rejoicing, not only in their healing but in the knowledge that Jesus loved them both dearly. Praise to the name of Jesus for His mighty works!


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