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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


       The day of my first visit [to Healing Grace Ministries), I woke knowing two things: 1) I was going to church that day come what may, despite being new to the area, and having no idea where;  2) I would have to re-bandage my arm which was excruciatingly painful due to carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms that had settled in and would not let go.
       My husband and I made our way to the home of a new acquaintance, who once invited us to his church.  There, we were introduced to a member of the Healing Grace Ministries fellowship, who suggested we all accept his invite to visit there.  Almost incidentally he added, "God will heal your arm today. Our pastor will pray, and you will be healed."
       Sure enough after the service that morning, Pastor Todd Perna prayed over my arm, taking authority in Jesus Christ, and by degrees the pain was displaced.  It was a bit of a chase actually, and reminded me of encounters Jesus had with the demons (legion) who were initially quite reluctant to leave, but eventually did so.
       Praise and thanksgiving go to God, Almighty, Omnipotent, Benevolent, and sympathetic to His children.  Therefore, He has not left us orphans, but comes to us, and provides to us what we need; What we cannot provide for ourselves. Thank you God for raising up, Todd and Dawn Perna, faithful to Your word and Your call, bold to walk in the power You have given. Their faithful response to Your outpouring, and the ministry You have given them has blessed and provided for the many.  Therefore, Your people are equipped, covered, and healed.  Keep them in Thy truth. Thy word is truth.
       Happiness and  Thanksgiving!

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