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Andy C.

I was driving home with my mom on route 9 just outside of Boston. We had just finished a meeting involving my dad who was recovering from chemotherapy at Brigham and Women's Hospital. We were both tired and I felt especially drained from the events of the day.  I happened to notice a highway sign that said "Worcester". I sensed something inside that seemed to be telling me to "go". I thought this was a very strange idea and I asked God for a sign. I looked to my right and saw another sign saying "Worcester". I couldn't accept this (it was too simple) so I asked my mom if she wanted to go on an adventure. To my surprise she said sure and that we didn't have anything else to do. So we continued on route 9 straight into the heart of Worcester.

After parking in a garage we walked about the city. We explored the park, the library, and parts of main street.   I mentioned to my mom that it would be neat to go to a church service (it was Wednesday, about 6:30 p.m.). I said it would be up to God because neither of us knew anything about where we were. After about 45 minutes I was getting frustrated, but decided to walk a little further before we went home. I looked to the right and above my head I saw a sign for a church on the front of an office building. So, we checked the front door, but it was locked. The moment we turned around we were surprised by a car that had just pulled up to where we were, and two men approached us. One asked me if we were looking for someone, and I stammered back something about whether or not there was a church service that evening. He responded that he was the pastor and that they were having a prayer meeting there that night. He asked if we would like to join and we said yes.

When we reached the third or fourth floor we entered a large room that was the church. We found out that this was a church filled with Christians from Ghana, missionaries to Massachusetts. After some reading and teaching from the Bible, the pastor prayed for the people there. This was a very powerful prayer. I was very impacted and moved by the words that the Holy Spirit gave the pastor to say. Afterwards, I gave the pastor my phone number and the Healing Grace web site, and caught up with my mom who was talking with another man. I heard that they were speaking about my father and the man proclaimed a blessing from the account of the centurion from Luke chapter 7. He basically said that our prayers for my dad were like the centurion saying, "But say the word, and my servant will be healed"--Luke 7:7. We both left the meeting encouraged and resumed our trip back home.

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