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A Testimony of Godís Love

Don Perna


            A number of years ago I was suffering with a knee that was diagnosed with a torn meniscus.  I underwent a period of Physical Therapy and had relief enough that a planned surgery was cancelled.  A couple of years later, I fell and reinjured that same knee.  An MRI affirmed that fact.  About this time my son Todd had stepped into faith in the healing power of  Father God and he prayed for healing to my knee and it was received.  At that point, I didn't fully credit it to God because of the old religious spirits I struggled with. 


            The next Spring, after a Holy Spirit awakening at Lakeland Florida, Carrie (my wife) and I returned to Vermont so full of the Spirit we journeyed to Burlington for a several day conference with Danny Steyne. At this conference, during which I wore my hearing aid for my mostly deaf ear, A call came for those with hearing problems.  I went forward, and someone, (I don't remember who) prayed for my hearing.  I didn't really expect anything, however on our journey home, I had to keep turning my hearing aid down.  After trying a new hearing tube and batteries, I removed it, and haven't worn it since.  Glory to my God.


            Two months ago I had another healing encounter.  I was walking hurriedly across my yard, and slipped on a low place and came down hard.  I twisted my ankle and banged my knee real good.   I lay there feeling my ankle swell and my knee and hip throb.  I hobbled over to the deck, and Todd showed up right on schedule.  He laid his hand on my ankle and prayed for the Lordís love on me.  My ankle got hot and instantly recovered.  That night my knee and hip still hurt, I prayed and went to bed.  I woke refreshed without pain or trauma. That morning, I started feeling pain in my other knee.  I recognized it as a lying spirit, and commanded it to leave in Jesusí name.  It went and I carried on.  


            I have noticed that during this year plus journey in the Spirit, my overall health has also improved.  Yes, He has given my strength to lose weight and exercise, however I mostly attribute it to the blessing of a loving God, giving me and my precious wife Carrie, precious years back that the locusts had eaten.  And yes Ė she lets me ride the motorcycle sometimes too. 

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