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     About two years ago my husband , Jim, and I started connecting with Todd and Dawn.  In April 2008 we started attending the church they had in their home.  Our lives have been radically changed. - not just ours but many of our grown children have been blessed by the message of Godís grace for our daily lives and not only for our eternal destiny.  I have been saved since I was six and I never understood that grace was given for living.  I discovered that what Todd was teaching was being taught by Joseph Prince on TV and I started listening to him. Faith in Godís grace for us has changed my whole family. There is much more peace and expectation of good and good things happening every day.  I am expecting impossible things to change and they are, for the good.  I am getting a lot of blessing by believing and expecting.  I have had a lot of healing emotionally as well as physically because of learning not to strive but to trust GodĎs love to change me.

     Before I knew about trusting in Godís grace, I had hurt my left ankle really badly.  I had to go to the hospital and get a brace and crutches and pain medication.  I couldnít put any weight on it and I had to stay off it completely for several days.  I received the injury because I thought I deserved it because I had been frustrated when the accident happened. I had been upset by a political issue!  I knew I had a bad attitude when I was hurt and figured I deserved the injury.  I did repent and I trusted God for healing.  I asked God for full mobility and I do have full mobility. Recently I had another incident where I stepped in a hidden hole and hurt my right ankle.  I couldnít put any weight on it at all and my son had to carry me into the house.   When I was injured I was upset with someone, I was not praying and trusting however, this time I didnít take the blame for my bad attitude.  I knew Jesus already took the blame for me.  It got better quickly but then condemnation was coming against me because I was upset with this personís attitude toward me.  When I got upset the pain increased to the point I needed crutches to walk.  I did let go of taking that offense.  I kept giving my attitude to God and the pain decreased.  I had peace that God was showing me I didnít have to wear the brace to bed and in the morning I woke up with some pain and as I walked on it I walked right out of the pain.  I did not get more pain.  It is as good as new.

   The difference between the two testimonies was I was learning not to live in condemnation, blame and guilt.


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