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Healed From The Devastation of Rape & Molestation
By One who dances for the LORD
       The Lord is healing me in a very personal way.  Jesus has really become a friend to me.  He is opening doors in my life that have been shut for many years.  These doors are where He enters in and gives acceptance, can be my provider (husband), and father…can give me love beyond what I’ve experienced, my supernatural hook up so to speak… I can not give you enough words or experiences that would express the depth of what that has done for me. 
  • Where I was bound by rejection in my mother’s womb: I am FREE.  (Before, I could not say husband or even mother or father without pain….)
  • Where I was molested many times by many people in my life until the age 14, the spirit of exploitation and others associated with that ugly manifestation and all who attached themselves to my life from that experience: I am FREE. 
  • Where men, including a former husband raped me and a spirit of unworthiness along with its friends had a party with me: I am FREE! 
  • Where sexual sin ruled my life I am no longer a slave!!!!  FREE!!

From the bondages of religion, condemnation, guilt, shame: My Father has released me with His love.  No longer am I running, running away from the enemy’s ugliness into more of his tricks and snares.  I am released to the freedom in Christ, the Love that is pure from above flowing down pouring into those empty spaces of my heart.  

       I have found a home …no literally…here where I live.  I have only lived for 7 years in one place through my whole life of 44 years.  This is huge!   I feel secure in where He has planted me.  I’ve NEVER whole heartedly said such a thing.   20 months ago (May 10, 2008 mothers day), I came here with all belongings in my vehicle from Louisiana.  
       November 11th, He touched me as a prophecy was coming true in my life.  Hiding from God(’s children) in a field, He told me it was time!   Through His children He guided me to healing ministries of Raymond Williams and Todd Perna.   I can’t wait to see what’s next!!!!   I am redeemed, sanctified, and holy in His sight, washed in the Blood, walking in the Power fueled by JOY!   Victoriously I will continue to walk generating Joy in Jesus’ name!

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