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Healed Tail Bone Injury

Margaret M.

     I was in a boogie board accident at the Great Escape Indoor Water-Park in Lake Champlain, NY in late October of 2008.  The ride is a re-creation of an ocean wave with water that is rushing at a very strong velocity up a ramp that looks like a large skateboard rink when the water is not flowing. You stand at the top of this “ramp” with the water rushing upwards and jump on the boogie board down the ramp.  When I reached the top of the ramp I was petrified but I had already told my kids I would do it and felt I had to follow through.  I jumped down as required with the boogie board onto the wave and as soon as I hit the water at the bottom it ripped me off my board and my whole body was thrown forcefully up the water “ramp” and into the air like a rag doll and when I landed on the landing pad at the top of the “ramp”, I landed directly onto my tail bone.  I was in such pain I had a hard time standing up and was so scared I couldn't move.  My husband helped me to stand up.
     This was on a Tuesday.  I could not sit without tons of pain.  Every time I walked up stairs or down it hurt I couldn't move without a grimace.  Shortly after arriving home, I went to meet with Todd and his wife Dawn. I went to talk with them about me and my husband because we were having some serious problems (another totally awesome testimony). 
     On my arrival at their house I remember distinctly not being able to sit down in a soft chair in their parents RV without going really slow and careful because it hurt SO BAD!   I wasn't there for healing.  I wanted help with my bad attitudes and inability to love my husband.  I was there for about 2 hours. 
     After being told the truth about who I was in Christ on a level that I have NEVER heard before, as well as what was accomplished on the cross for me, Todd told me that what he had shared would be confirmed for me.  I thought, “Uh..okay...I don't know what you are talking about but sure uh okay” and after a little bit more time of talk and clarification of the Grace of God he asked me, “So...how is your tail bone doing?” and I hadn't even thought about it (which was very strange since I couldn't even move slightly without it hurting).  
     He said “stand up” and I did.  I was SHOCKED!!!  IT DIDN'T HURT!!!  I thought, “NO WAY!” so I tested it.  I stood up and sat down, I stood up and I sat down about 4-5 times.  Todd and Dawn were laughing.  I was laughing.  I couldn't believe it!  I walked away from that meeting with my tail bone healed and a confirmation from God about all the truths that were spoken to me.  This opened the door for MANY more testimonies of God's love and power in my life.

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