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Thyroid, Anemia & Blood Sugar Levels

Elizabeth S.

     My doctor was concerned about my laboratory values for thyroid, anemia and blood sugar, so she gave me thyroid pills, iron pills and told me to cut down on dietary sugars because I was now "early" diabetic (adult onset kind) and that I should lose some weight also... and here is my testimony:

     I went back to the doctor a few months later and she said, "So you have been taking your thyroid medications and your iron tablets I see, because your thyroid is ok now and your anemia (which was almost off-the-chart low) is now the low end of normal."   I said, "No doctor, I did not take the pills at all, neither the iron pills nor the thyroid pills, instead I prayed to the Lord!"   The doctor said, well then don't take the thyroid pills now, you don't need them!   Also my early diabetic scores had gone back down to pre-diabetic numbers.  She was a little bit concerned about my cholesterol also, so I began to pray to the Lord about that too.   Recently this doctor left the system and I got a new replacement doctor and he ran his own blood work to establish new patient care.   Last week I asked him, how is the blood work and he said, No anemia!   No thyroid problems!  And my blood sugar was only 110 fasting which he said didn't concern him because it was the old cut off level for normal.

     SO PRAISE GOD there it is!  He said only one element of my cholesterol level concerned him, but the other parts of the cholesterol were fine!   I tell you I took no pills, never ONE pill even for thyroid nor did I take iron, but I did PRAY in the name of JESUS that all my cells, organs, systems and functions were functioning optimally perfect and completely normal, in the Name of JESUS and I even told the doctor so, who could not argue at all she said don't bother taking the pills now.  The new doctor also confirmed the same, no problems with thyroid or anemia at all now, and blood sugar does not concern him which is good because I never stopped my intake of sugar at all!   SO now I will pray that my cholesterol levels will become completely normal through the power of the LIVING WORD OF GOD, the shed blood of Jesus, the finished work of the cross, and what Jesus told us to do, speak to the mountain and believe and we will have what we say (Mark 11:23-25)

      Church I'm here today to tell you victory IS OURS in Christ JESUS, it's for whosoever will, and the Lord is good to ALL and I'm an "ALL" who is testifying of the goodness of the Lord and the truth of his word which exerts mighty power.  I plan to be testifying again soon about normal cholesterol levels when I see him again in 6 months for the next blood work.   I did NOTHING other than pray, press in with prayer and RECEIVE from the HAND OF THE LORD His Word alive for healing, with his grace for the faith and these are my testimonies.


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