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I was having problems with a tooth of and on for 4 years now.  The tooth had a thinned out spot on the back side of it near the gum line.  I had been told 4 years ago that in a years time my tooth was going to need to be pulled.  This was told to me by my oral surgeon.  I had one dentist that was willing to pull it but my insurance would not cover it at that clinic.  I changed dentists and they would not pull it either.  They just kept putting sensitivity coat on it but it did not work. They keep doing that every time it started to bother me.  I told them what the oral surgeon said and they said they did not think it needed pulling and they could do no more than the sensitivity coat.  I continued to get infections in the tooth.  All they would do is give me a med for the pain and the infection.  I was in a lot of pain and discomfort when eating.  The oral surgeon wanted to pull it but they won't pull without the consent of a dentist.

I went to the Healing Rooms and got prayer for the tooth.  They prayed that all pain and discomfort would go and that the tooth would be completely resotred to normal.  The next day there was no more throbbing pain.  Two days later the tooth spot did not hurt.  I checked it out and the back side of tooth was thicker and even with rest of tooth.  Two more days later the tooth was completely restored.  There was no more throbbing pain, no more discomfort, no more infection.  It was fully restored and healed! 

Praise God!  Thank you Jesus!  My Loving Wonderful Healer! 


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